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Cat Zine


For the month of March ALL profits will go towards the Squishie Rescue Inc Persian Medical Fund - see below for details.

16 pages of cats.
Black & white.
Unbound / so they could be used as postcards, gift cards, put in frames or put up somewhere.
Plain back.
Digital prints of original paintings by Laura McKellar.
Kept together with a belly band and sealed in a plastic sleeve.

A6 Landscape
105mm x 210mm

Yesterday we took in the single biggest surrender of cats in our history.
9 adult Persians females, 1 adult Ragdoll female, 1 adult Persian Male and 10 Persian kittens ranging from 9-16 weeks of age – a total of 21 new arrivals.
All of the cats and kittens are in atrocious physical and mental condition. They have huge flea and worm burdens, filthy matted coats, infected eyes, some have cat flu, some have ringworm all are extremely timid and emotionally shut down.
There is a very long and expensive road ahead for these cats and kittens. They all require months of physical and mental rehabilitation, they all need to be desexed and vaccinated, they all need to be groomed and most if not all of the adults will need dental surgery. The costs involved in providing all of this, in addition to food, litter, parasite treatments and other supplies will cost well over $10,000 and as a small, self-funded rescue group, we are in desperate need of financial support to treat and rehabilitate these cats.
Please consider making a donation towards the enormous costs involved in such a massive rescue operation. xo (link in bio) ***Please note: None of these cats or kittens are anywhere near being ready for adoption.